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Currently, Henderson County has over 140 children in foster care.  Each year the number of children entering foster care rises. These children need homes where they can be sheltered, nurtured, and cared for on a temporary basis.


Our Mission Statement

The Henderson County Foster Parent Association is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening foster and adoptive families through support, training, public awareness, communication, and advocacy with the aim of nurturing child safety, well-being and stability



Our Purpose

  • Serve as an advocate for the needs of foster parents and children

  • Help direct educational, medical, and developmental resources that will increase opportunities and benefit children in foster care

  • Continuously improve communications between foster families, the Henderson County Department of Social Services, and the community

  • Provide support to each other through a buddy system, respite care, referrals to community resources, etc.

  • Provide educational training to foster parents

  • Assist in fundraising and acquiring gifts to support the education and training needs of the foster families

  • Promote positive knowledge and awareness of foster parenting's goals and accomplishments to the general public through positive publicity

  • Provide recreational activities for foster children and their families







Call us:  828-694-6252

Email:  info@hendersoncountyfpa.org

HCFPA, Inc., c/o:  Dept. of Social Services

1200 Spartanburg Hwy, Suite 300

Hendersonville, NC 28792